Bronzemedaille 23|24

Atlas of Voids

Buchtext: Space is substance. The emptiness of space, the silence which gives the form is fundamental in every aspect in our lives. The space between edges, between the beginning and the end, filled with nothing but energy. It is the silence opposed to sound, the lack, the momentary pause. A void full of potential to be filled. Beschreibung: ‚Atlas of voids‘ is an investigation of the emptiness employing the tools of philosophy and science. The work explores the void as a sensor. A sensor of the change of light, the change of smell, the change of the perception of space. It arises from the nothingness between things related, between thoughts and feelings and the space that occurs full of darkness. A visual poem exploring the void. The works acts as an immersive voyage into the concepts of becoming and interconnectivity by examine, mapping and recreate different layers of reality. It is a question about the way things live in space, their incoherence and imperfection and how the invisible space is transformed with imagination. To look at the void, to stare at darkness comes with a very strong feeling. An uncomfortable, but also familiar feeling, we all know about ourselves. Feeling the void as the moment, when it isn´t a hole but a space full of what wasn´t there, I hope to enhance the void to the audience. There is a profound connection between the nothingness we´re originated from and the infinity we´re surrounded by and I try to open that moment of change; difficult to explain, but existencial to experience.

Bildautor*innen: Kathleen Alisch

Textautor*innen: Kathleen Alisch

Gestaltung: Kathleen Alisch

Herausgeber*innen: L´Artiere Bologna

Verlag: L´Artiere Edizoni, Bologna

ISBN: 979-12-80978-01-1

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