Bronzemedaille 23|24
Studentisches Projekt


Stilllife NOW

The Photobook shows stilllifes of fastfoodtrays. Each food item is wrapped in its own packaging, made of paper or plastic, only to be unpacked again the very next moment, even if the food is consumed in the restaurant itself. When fast food brands started, wrapping their burgers and fries in green packaging instead of red packaging pure greenwashing began. This marketing strategy is used to convince customers that the same food is now sustainably produced and much healthier than before, implying only natural products are used. Taking photos of these trays, as Daniel Spoerri did with dining tables, is mainly causing disgusted responses. Nevertheless, everyone knows these pictures only reflect reality, even though no one would admit they are part of this consumption.

Bildautor*innen: Lara Gärtner & Greta Schröder

Textautor*innen: Lara Gärtner & Greta Schröder

Gestaltung: Lara Gärtner & Greta Schröder

Herausgeber*innen: Lara Gärtner & Greta Schröder

Verlag: Self-Publishing

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